Our mission is to engage, educate and inform. The Silicon Valley Business Leadership Network is an employer led non-profit that uses a business-to business model offering education, training programs and resources to change attitudes and address concerns of businesses so that they learn how to proactively include people with disabilities in the workforce, marketplace and supplier diversity.

The Silicon Valley BLN is an educational organization that uses a B2B format to engage, educate and inform employers on critical topics designed to promote the inclusion of talent with disabilities as a diversity strategy resulting in ROI. Programs are held in various locations around the Bay Area. All topics focus on disability best practices.

The Silicon Valley BLN is a proud affiliate of the US Business Leadership Network® (USBLN®). The USBLN® is the national disability organization that serves as the collective voice of over 60 Business Leadership Network affiliates across North America, representing over 5,000 employers and helps build workplaces, marketplaces, and supply chains where people with disabilities are respected for their talents, while supporting the development and expansion of its BLN affiliates. The USBLN® recognizes and supports best practices in the employment and advancement of people with disabilities; the preparedness for work of youth and students with disabilities; marketing to consumers with disabilities; and contracting with vendors with disabilities through the development and certification of disability-owned businesses. As an affiliate, the Silicon Valley BLN is recognized as “THE” Silicon Valley’s business resource for enhancing the employment of people with disabilities.

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