Thank you SAP for a great May 8 SVBLN program!!

Thank you all who joined us at SAP to hear about the exciting and innovative approach SAP has developed through partnerships with Specialisterne, the CA Department of Rehabilitation, and TransAccess to integrate and hire people in the Autism Spectrum. The program was filled with details and lessons learned on how SAP is fine tuning this global approach to tapping into a valuable talent base that happens to have a disability.

Over the last few months, sixteen individuals attended a one-day Legos Mindstorm Workshop at SAP where employment candidates spent time building robots, programming the robots, and presenting what they had accomplished. In that time, each candidate was considered as a potential for a full-time position at SAP. SAP received commitments and interest from hiring managers for positions ranging from quality assurance, business processes and information development. Out of the sixteen candidates, nine individuals were invited for a 4-week training program using the Specialisterne Legos Mindstorm Training method. Colleagues learned how to work individually, collaboratively, and used scrum as a framework for project development and team work. Ultimately, after the training completed, new hires were on-boarded at SAP. TransAccess provides Personal, Vocational, Social Adjustment (PVSA) services during the training and during the first few months of employment.

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If you missed an opportunity to attend the SVBLN event at SAP on May 8th, you will have another opportunity on June 23rd to attend the Diversity in Tech 2 Conference at Oracle presented by the OFCCP (Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs) of the U.S. Department of Labor. The keynote is Mike Ellis, National Director of Sprint Relay. He directs a large segment of Sprint business that targets consumers with disabilities, leads their Disability Employee Resource Group and happens to be an individual with a disability himself. This is an excellent opportunity to learn, participate and network. The agenda will cover topics on Disability Inclusion and Hiring Veterans practices. Please learn more about the event and register at

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