Why and How to Reach Out

Pittsburgh Wheelchair Games

People with Disabilities are a large and historically untapped talent pool that is also global.

People with Disabilities are one of the three global diverse populations – the others are mature workers and women. Also it is a diversity dimension that anyone can “join” at any time – approximately 82% of all disabilities are acquired with age, by illness, accident or war. This simple but powerful fact tells us that we have large pockets of people with disabilities on our organizations at this moment – we just don’t realize it because they may have a fear to disclose their disability or ask for an accommodation. In addition to being a large talent pool it is also a large consumer group. As customers, they have an annual buying power of $3 trillion and an aggregate income of $220 billion. 88% of all Americans prefer to give their business to employers who hire people with disabilities. All of this tells us that smart businesses recognize the value and importance of taping into people with disabilities because it is smart business. Check out www.usbln.org for more important business facts.

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